Bridge over the Berounka river near Dolany

The bridge was constructed in twenties of the nineteenth century and it allows the transfer of road traffic on the road II/180 over the Berounka river and the adjacent inundation area. Due to the unsatisfactory technical state of the bridge, it was decided to perform complete reconstruction of the bridge. The requirements to widen the road on the bridge and establishment of new sidewalks were taken into account.

Reconstruction of the bridge was designed in the following scope: complete demolition and replacement of bridge equipment, demolition of the bridge deck and its replacement with a new one, enabling adjustment of width arrangement on the bridge, construction of new bearing beams on supports, rehabilitation of old reinforced concrete parts. The widening of the bridge also necessitated the widening of the embankment crown by the means of a supporting gabion wall (on the right) and backfilling of the embankment with the use of reinforced soils (on the left).