Bridge over the Elbe river in Štětí

The bridge over the Elbe in Štětí is a combined bridge for road and rail transport. The superstructure has 6 spans, of which 5 spans are formed by a continuous box girder made of post prestressed concrete, and 1 side span as a simple girder formed by a double beams also made of prestressed concrete. The leghts od spans are 45.9 + 3×71.5 + 45.9 + 16.5 m, the total length of the bridge is 347.0 m.

The bridge had very bad technical state, low bearing capacity which did not allow heavy road traffic and other unsatisfactory space conditions for road traffic and pedestrian traffic. That was why complete reconstruction of the bridge was designed.

The reconstruction consisted of adjusting the width of the bridge and replacing the equipment and accessories of the bridge. To replace the bearings, the entire superstructure had to be lifted and lowered back at the new bearings. The concrete parts of the superstructure and the substructure were rehabilitated.

The side span of the bridge was demolished and new superstructure was built.