Bridge over the Hracholusky Dam

Technically demanding reconstruction of the almost 120-year-old railway bridge over the Hracholusky dam on the Mže river. The reconstruction included the rehabilitation of the outer stone vaults, the lower stone structures with 42 m high pillars, and especially the replacement of the three unsatisfactory steel load-bearing structures with new ones. Each new steel structure has lattice vertical main girders with increasing height towards the center of the span and an element deck. The structures are a series of simple spans with the length of 57 m, the total length of the bridge is 208.4 m. Due to the inaccessible terrain and deep valley of the dam the exchange of old and new steel superstructures was performed by rotating around their longitudinal axis. This was the first use of such an assembly procedure in the Czech Republic. The missing connection of both banks for pedestrians was solved by connecting the pedestrian bridge to the lower flanges of the main beams, thus the footbridge copies the curvature of these strips and its shape looks very unusual.