InterContinental hotel, Prague

We have prepared the tender documentation for the renovation of the hotel facade and the reconstruction of the hotel’s underground garages for a foreign investor.

The InterContinental hotel was built between 1968 and 1974. Its supporting structure consists of a reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton with a suspended facade. It is very rugged, both due to the very irregular floor plan and the materials used. Protruding facade panels, so-called razor blades, are precast reinforced concrete with dimensions of approx. 3.0 x 0.8 x 0.15 m. The panels are placed vertically on the facade, welds are fixed to the load-bearing reinforced concrete structure. In addition to reinforced concrete razor panels, the façade consists of cladding ceramic fittings, a glass perimeter cladding with windows and visible monolithic reinforced concrete (partly with a smooth surface, partly with friezes).

Due to the poor condition of the outer cladding, the owner of InterContinental hotel decided to completely renovate the facade of the hotel, especially its reinforced concrete parts. Rehabilitation took place under full operation of the hotel.

The hotel also includes underground garages, whose reinforced concrete load-bearing structure has been significantly damaged. Therefore, the construction also included the reconstruction of the garages, including the reconstruction of the entrance and exit ramps.

The supervision on the site, coordination of work, including a detailed work schedule, prepared after each day, taking into account the impact of the construction on the operation of the hotel were part of the contract.