New railway bridge under Vyšehrad across the Vltava river in Prague

The architectural office 2T engineering Ltd. has won the architectural competition for the design of the new Vltava River bridge under Vyšehrad, where the existing truss bridge for 2 tracks will be replaced by a new bridge. The design office TOP CON SERVIS Ltd. contributed significantly to this design, especially in terms of bridge design and track design.

We designed one bridge for all three tracks in the axis of the existing bridge. We had no doubts that it had to be arch bridge, just like almost all bridges in the center of Prague. An arch is the ideal design for the required span. It is a simple subtle axisymmetric bridge structure that is in the water, set only on the existing piers with separate, unconnected arches of the same span that allow for sight lines across the bridge and do not disturb the skyline of Prague. The unconnected arches lighten a structure of this size, as do the subtle piers. The colour of the bridge is fresh, the arches are in white metallic, the rods and railings are silver (stainless steel).  It is an urban bridge with wide promenades on both sides, which offer views of both sides of the bridge. New footbridges on the bridge connect all traffic directions between Výtoň and Smíchov with the possibility of sinking under the bridge on both sides of the Vltava River. In the area of Výtoň, the line alignment will be changed to create a stop to facilitate transfers to trams.

The opening of the stone arches under the bridges on Výtoň will improve the permeability of the area and connect the previously separated area under Vyšehrad with the northern part of the city, with links to pedestrian and cycle routes. The same connection is also taking place on the Smíchov side. The areas under the bridge will be used for leisure gatherings of the inhabitants. New squares, new local centers and new boulevards will be created in the vicinity of the new bridge.