Noise barrier on 5. května street, Prague

The noise barrier is located in Prague 4, on the right (direction from the center) along the main city road in the section behind the level crossing with Vyskočilová Street and the Kačerov flyover. The noise barrier has a height of 8.0 m, a length of 680 m and is divided into 3 parts. Due to the location of the wall in the inner city, emphasis was placed on its aesthetic effect. The steel columns were designed curved and the anti-noise panels are designed from reinforced concrete layers up to 3.0 m above the foundation beam, while a transparent PMMA material with an acoustic reflective effect was used for the remaining upper part of the barrier from 3.0 to 8.0 m. .

In places where the barrier crosses obstacles (sewers, pedestrian underpasses, heating ducts and sewers), its supporting structure is designed as a steel truss made of pipes with identical columns for the installation of anti-noise panels. The barrier thus has a unified impression from the driver’s point of view.