Reconstruction of the bridge at km 20,054 of the Čerčany – Světlá nad Sázavou railway line

The railway line from Čerčany to Světlá nad Sázavou runs along the Sázava River. In the Vlastějovice urban area, it shortens its journey by bridging one river meander with a bridge (km 19.608), the Vlastějovice tunnel (km 19.906 to 19.994) and another bridge (km 20.054). The second one was the subject of reconstruction.
The reconstruction of the bridge involved the demolition of the original unsatisfactory truss superstructure, the demolition and modification of parts of the substructure and the installation of a new composite steel-concrete superstructure. The original bearing structure was steel riveted with two truss main girders of the vertical system, with an upper element bridge deck. The new superstructure is a continuous two-span composite steel-concrete structure with two main welded beams and it is placed at modified substructure.