Reconstruction of the bridge at km 35,579 of the Plzeň – Žatec railway line

The bridge at km 35,579 carries a railway line across the Střela River near the village of Horní Hradiště. The original steel structure was built in 1872. The main load-bearing structure consisted of two simple lattice riveted straight belt girders of a vertically closed system with a lower element bridge deck. The new load-bearing structure is an all-welded steel lattice structure with a lower orthotropic bridge deck. The lattice curved stripless beam with a height in the middle of the span h = 5.50 m has diagonals at an angle of about 60.0 °. The lower and upper strips of the main beam are formed by a closed welded cross section. The distance of the main beams is 6.16 m. From the static point of view, it is 1 simple field with a span of 41.17 m. The stone substructure was reinforced with micropiles and cement grouting.