Reconstruction of the bridge at km 38,816 of the Lovosice – Česká Lípa line

A single-track railway bridge with seven spans with a lower deck and a continuous railway bed over the river Elbe and its inundation between the stations Lovosice and Žalhostice. The content of the building was a comprehensive reconstruction, when the load-bearing structure was replaced with a new one on the modified substructure. The new load-bearing structure consists of 3 beams stiffened with an arch (Langer’s beam) with a lower orthotropic bridge deck with spans of 3 x 74.37 m + 2 continuous beams beams with a lower orthotropic bridge deck with a span of 2 x (24.5 + 24.4 m).

The substructure is made of stone, for the new load-bearing structure it is reinforced with jet grouting columns and prestressing bars. The upper part is shaped for new bridge bearings.